ICO Introducing BRoyal Coin project


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Introducing BRoyal Coin project – a super hot project that you can gain daily interest from the system just by holding the coin.

Link: broyal.network/login?parent=broyal

1 / About BRoyal coin:

BRoyal is a project carried out by Bgroup in Qatar. Broyal ICO was launched in order to create a strong community for BRoyal ecosystem which includeds 5 star resorts, Casino, Bstore and a modern game park. We can see huge potential in the market they are targeting.

After the first opening day, already 20% of total coins have been sold. Take note that you should buy coin during round 1 because you currently can get bonus up to 50%. In order to have a quality community, BGroup released BRoyal coin. Those who keep BRoyal coin will gain daily interest based on the amount of coin they are having. This project is attracting a lot of investors worldwide, in and out of the cryptocurrency community. Broyal developers do not want to promote the project in the usual way, they want to create their own powerful community so instead of paying for google and facebook they give us the money directly. Interest will be paid based on the total amount of money they share within the community. By the time they finish building the ecosystems they will end this policy and Broyal will turn back into normal coin.

I’m really interested in their reward policy, it ensures that BR is